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Below you will find a list of places you must visit if you are on the trail of Havana's rich history. Since 1998 old Havana has undergone a total transformation, buildings have been re-furbished, sand blasted and, in some cases re-built. This is most evident in the area surrounding the Lonja de Comercio next to the Havana port. For those who have not visited Havana for several years the changes will be astounding. We suggest that you walk around old Havana as traffic can be very intense and difficult parking.

City Museum

During the colonial period this was the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales. It holds collections, which explain the historic panorama of the City, since its foundation to the present days. The larger halls display the history of Cuban wars for National Independence.

Tacón Street #1 , Old Havana. Phone 61 5001

Museum of the Revolution

Formerly the Presidential Palace, this museum exhibits lots of objects, photos and relics of historic significance from the revolutionary war and the national liberation quests. Across the street is the "Granma" Memorial; the yacht used by Fidel Castro and a group of expeditionary men, when returning to Cuba from exile in Mexico, is exhibited here, protected by a huge glass case. Aircraft, tanks and other military vehicles used in the heroic revolution, surround this famous vessel. Keep an eye out for the famous bread van used to transport troops.

Refugio Street #1 , Old Havana. Phone 62 4091

Jose Martí Memorial

Impressive museum with the works of this National Hero plus, the impressive monument of the Revolution Square. The highest point in the City is located here.

Paseo and Rancho Boyeros Avenue, Revolution Square. Phone 82 0906

Havana’s Model

A realistic copy of the city in 88 sq. meters, ideal for the first time visitor to get their bearings in Havana. It is one of the largest models in the world, second only after New York's.

28th Street, Miramar. Phone 24 2661

El Templete

Located in the Plaza de Armas, facing the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the Templete is a small homage monument at the place where the first public mass of Havana's Town-Council was held.

La Vigía Farm

The house where Ernest Hemingway lived from 1939 through1961. The writer's personal belongings (books, documents, photos) are kept here just as he left them.

Finca La Vigía, San Francisco de Paula, San Miguel del Padrón. Phone 91 0809

Cathedral of Havana

Located in the square of the same name. Another National Monument and a beautifully restored Cathedral. Daily Masses and christenings are still carried out. There are several other interesting places to visit within the same square such as an art museum and the Wilredo Llam museum.

Empedrado St # 156. Old Havana











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