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Let it be said, there are now an abundance of taxis in Cuba. The unofficial taxis are simply not worth taking anymore. They are often MORE expensive than the official cars and comfort should not be a requirement for passengers. Official Taxis are new vehicles, air-conditioned (90%) and very efficient. Prices are remarkably low all over the island and drivers are both courteous and understanding. For airport transfers a surcharge is applied for "spot" travelers. We organise your airport transfer and taxi services throughout your whole stay at even lower prices.

We will provide you with all of the taxi numbers upon arrival

The following services are available:

Air conditioned (.45 cents per km.)

(Travel agents.45 cents per km. Usual fare is .55 cents per km.)

Taxis Transgaviota
Air conditioned or not [Taxi fares are .55 and .65 cents per km)
Buses with guide service by travel agents request.

Taxi OK
Luxury, air conditioned taxis:
Mercedes Benz (.70 cent per km)
Mitsubishi (.65 cents per km)
Special offer Subaru Vivio (.45 cents per km)
The Tourist Bus "Vaiven" is a new service, travelling through Havana from East to West and back.
Specialised guide service aboard, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:40 p.m.. Buses leave every 50 minutes, 23 stops on the way. Passage fee is US $4.00 a day.

(All trips to other provinces have fixed fares. Call us for prices)



Ads By CiberSpaces

Ads By CiberSpaces

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