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For international flights you must check at Customs two hours before departure. Exits are usually through the same #3 Terminal.

At Customs you must show your ticket, your passport with visa and the Immigration stamp stating your entry. Travellers flying in Tropical or "A" class are allowed up to 30 Kg free of tax. In tourist or economical class allowed weight is 20 Kg. Once your passport, ticket and luggage have been checked, the Customs official will hand over your Boarding Pass.

Departure TAX of US Dollars 20.00. is levied on all visitor unless in transit (max 24hours)

Your luggage will be checked-over once more by Customs and you will go to the waiting room in order to return happily to your country.

If you are exporting Cuban cigars you may be asked to produce the shop receipt. There are no exit limits on cigars.

If you are exporting a painting, be sure to have the correct documentation with you, provided by the vendor.

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